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updated: 2023-04-24

UNIX systems have clear and strict permission control. In our case, this is very necessary for offering a command-line application to the public internet. Even though we will patch our console client, running a WebCC process as a non-privileged user gives us another layer of security as people won’t be able to write and|or execute malware or learn the our infrastructure by reading the rest of the filesystem.

There’s a /var/mail so I say why don’t we make the sucessor:

    mkdir -p /var/xmpp     

Now, we can create the UNIX user for WebCC with this command:

    adduser --system --group \
    --gecos 'Web Console Chat' \     
    --home /var/xmpp/webcc \

Then we create necessary folders for the next chapter:

    mkdir -p /var/xmpp/webcc/.local /var/xmpp/webcc/.config

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