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The website for this console client is:


Before we can start patching, we need something to be patched:

    git clone     

Next, we need to install the dependencies. Since Profanity is will be running on our machine - not the machine of our actual end user - it makes no sense to have any end-to-end encryption. Thus when you are installing dependencies, you can leave out all the encryption packages for OMEMO, OpenPGP and OTR.

There’s a nice list of packages for lots of distros on the official website.

Patch & Install

WebCC patches are in here.

To patch, download with wget or curl (or whatever you like) and run:

    git apply -v ./something.patch     

Notice that something.patch is the name of the actual patch that you downloaded.

Then, we can configure, build and install following the official documentation.

If you need help building Profanity from source, you can join:


First, run Profanity as webcc and use it on your XMPP service as a test so that it create all the folders that are needed for configuration:

    runuser -u webcc profanity     

Obviously you should delete any folders or files that are specific to the very your account that you just used. For the rest of them, we also can’t allow the public to write to any of them so run these:

    chown root:webcc -R /var/xmpp/webcc
    chmod g+r -R /var/xmpp/webcc
    find /var/xmpp/webcc -type d -exec chmod g+x {} \;     

To view your result, run tree -apug /var/xmpp.

Everything should be owned by root and webcc can only read them via group permission.

Next step is to configure how we serve our patched console client to the browser.

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